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Internet & Networking For companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, Safari coming to Windows means that one more competitor will be thrown into the Windows browser battlefield. While neither company has expressed dismay with Apple's decision to put Safari on Windows, on Monday executives from both Microsoft and Mozilla expressed a lack of concern for their new (Windows) foe.
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Safari (on OS X) tends to use less RAM, but locks up more often (and doesn't include the tools I need, hello firebug!)

Anyone else experiencing this?

Well, I do also experience the need for Firefox when doing webapp work ;) . But I also do experience less burning of my lap when I use Safari compared to Firefox on my Macbook. And there are a couple of sites I frequent that cause Firefox 1.5 & 2.x to require a restart whereas Safari is okay -- Firefox suddenly can't scroll, can't close the tab, can't close the window, etc. Oddly Firefox on Windows&Linux can render the sites in question just fine.

It's a shame, as Safari sucks, but it seemingly sucks less than all other browsers on the Mac (for me, at least!).

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