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Linspire Linspire has announced an agreement to license voice-enabled instant messaging, Windows Media 10 codecs, and TrueType font technologies from Microsoft for its Linux distribution. Additionally, Microsoft will offer protection to Linspire customers against possible violations of Microsoft patents by Linux.
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by vinzer on Thu 14th Jun 2007 16:21 UTC
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Nothing to see here. Just another low-to-middle-of-the-pack Linux company trying to woo hesitant/uninformed/FUDded clients to try their brand of Linux. Linspire, through Carmony, in particular, have always had their eye on the MS pie once Novell struck their deal with MS.

I can't blame the prospective clients. The US patent system really needs to be overhauled.

I'm much more interested to see how the community over at Linspire/Freespire react to this.

Personally, I'd feel grossly insulted if I was a Linux kernel developer, seeing how companies easily undermine my work. First, by making money off of it and not even helping out with the coding for the most part (these small time companies could've at least hired some devs to help out with the coding). And second, which is much worse, by assuming that my code the code of my peers are tainted and infringes on phantom patents - but they still wanna make money off my hard work, at that.

And no, I doubt any of these people talking and making a pact with MS has seen the patents MS is blowing smoke about.

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