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Linspire Linspire has announced an agreement to license voice-enabled instant messaging, Windows Media 10 codecs, and TrueType font technologies from Microsoft for its Linux distribution. Additionally, Microsoft will offer protection to Linspire customers against possible violations of Microsoft patents by Linux.
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RE[2]: Too Suspicious
by hyper on Thu 14th Jun 2007 19:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Too Suspicious "
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The BSD licence is so open that any company that wants to can take BSD code without giving back, and put it in their proprietary product never to be seen again. Not exactly a good business proposition if you want to keep control of your code and stop proprietary splintering a la UNIX - although, I admit, wonderful if you want to steal someone else's.

But you still have your original code and may do whatever you wish with it and have full control on it.

I guess we are lucky that no one of BSD software developers are so greedy about their code like you are. Or maybe you do not code and just like to spread false claims every time anyone mentions BSD?

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