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Mac OS X Carbon will not be 64bit in Leopard. "At last year's keynote, Apple had claimed that both Carbon and Cocoa would be 64-bit, adding to the 64-bit fundamentals that Tiger had laid. However, according to the latest on Apple's website, Leopard's 64-bit frameworks will include the POSIX and math libraries found in Tiger, Cocoa, Quartz, OpenGL, and X11 GUI framework. In addition, Apple confirms that Carbon will not be 64-bit on the Carbon Developer mailing list." In addition, the readme file included with Leopard's developer preview says G3 support will be dropped from Leopard.
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Crying about no G3 support?
by Elektronkind on Fri 15th Jun 2007 03:12 UTC
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Get over it... I mean, really. When was the last time Apple sold a G3-based product? If you purchased your G3 with AppleCare then even that has long-since expired.

Besides, there are a few quality G3-to-G4 upgrades out there that work fine in B&W G3s and such.

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