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Windows Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its upcoming Windows Home Server product; a sort of beefed up NAS based on Windows Server 2003 SP2. A few days ago, Microsoft released the first release candidate for Windows Home Server, and since I was admitted into the beta program, I downloaded this release and transformed my trusty desktop x86 into a Home Server.
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Is this the new Windows install procedure?
by jello on Fri 15th Jun 2007 18:21 UTC
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When I read this (in the article):
"The installer will erase all your hard drives, and warns multiple times before doing so..."

I imagined a scenario that could happen a few years from now:
"For the sake of improved security the new MS-Windows-Vista 2009 comes with a new installer which will erase all your hard drives..."

It would be like:
"You shall have no other operating system besides me..." ;)

Back on topic:

OK, this way MS makes sure people are not using WHS for other purposes than it was designed,but what happens if somebody has to reinstall WHS?

Will it erase the whole hard drive or is it intelligent enough to go into "repair install" mode and preserve the data?

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