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Features, Office A very early initial draft of this review was posted on OSNews many months ago. The final version just went live and is about three times as long, now including open source alternatives, as well as a review of the new online word processor solutions.
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The Review of Thinkfree Office was Unfair
by Simba on Fri 15th Jun 2007 21:23 UTC
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The review of ThinkFree Office was unfair because they blamed the slowdown on being "overly Java dependent". The fact that is uses Java has nothing at all to do with the slowdown. The fact that it is connecting to a Web service to save your document does.

Please, try out the standalone version of ThinkFree Office before you claim it is slow. It is written in Java as well. And it is very responsive and fast. Much more so than OpenOffice for example.

The standalone version of ThinkFree is actually my office package of choice, since it runs on all of my platforms well. It's the one I use for most of my tasks unless I have specific requirements. It's the one I use by default whether I am on Windows, Linux, or OS X.

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