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Linux "In this interview, Warren explains the secret to his distro's rapid and widespread proliferation. Give desktop customers what they want: a simple, reliable set of applications that are easy to acquire, install, and use. Give it away for free. Always."
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RE: Re: interview
by bornagainenguin on Mon 29th Aug 2005 18:44 UTC in reply to "Re: interview"
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From TFA:

"Those of us who want to go the corporate route to take a collaborative attitude, and be very respectful and appreciative of the open source community, and give back whatever we have the ability to give back, and keep that community alive and vibrant at the same time. Hopefully, they won't hate us for wanting to make a living."

C'mon...the guy packages things for you and does his damn hardest to see to it that everything works well with everything else and all he wants to do is make a living...not get rich, not be the next Bill Gates--just make a living. Let's not hate 'im for it...'kay?


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