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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "There's been a lot of talk on lists and blogs about an exchange between Linus Torvalds, Jonathan Schwartz and Theo de Raadt regarding licensing and documentation. It all started with a 'cynical' message from Linus about Sun's motivation with regard to Open Source. Jonathan Schwartz responded by extending Linus a dinner invitation. What? The romance was briefly interrupted by a message from Theo pointing out the doublespeak."
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by chicobaud on Sun 17th Jun 2007 03:06 UTC
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Dinner Invitation ?

Who cares about OpenSolaris and OpenSuse and Fedora ?

#That's just a dirty trick to get people -- and to engage
# free labour (exploitation) for the commercial distribution(s). Do not buy it.

Please, all readers, engage with Debian/Slackware or FreeBSD instead.

Why should Linus have a dinner with the people that are trying to make money with the Open Source Community ?! stealing developers for their own commercial purposes ?

I tried OpenSolaris and it's a piece of bloated garbage, no real software difference from Linux / FreeBSD !

Do not buy it.

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