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Slackware, Slax Patrick J. Volkerding announced the first release candidate of Slackware 12 in the current changelog. This will be the first Slackware release with a kernel from the 2.6 tree ( as default. "It's that time again, and here we have Slackware 12.0 release candidate 1! If we're lucky, we got it all right the first time. Big thanks to the crew."
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Twelve years ago...
by barspi on Sun 17th Jun 2007 07:23 UTC
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I remember when Slackware was more or less the only real "distro". I downloaded it into 40 (forty) 3.5" diskettes at the University's lab. This was year 1995 or so... :-)

But today I think it looks a little dated, or I don't have the time anymore. PCLinuxOS is looking great.

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