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In the News Pocket Informant is one of the most successful PDA applications ever. However, it has not been immune to software piracy. The CEO of WebIS posted an open letter explaining how software piracy is hurting the industry, but also the consumer too and especially small software houses like his.
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RE[2]: Reason for piracy
by phoudoin on Wed 20th Jun 2007 09:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Reason for piracy"
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The vast majority of the world population DOES live *within* their means. Only a few ones live above it, stealing/wasting world ressource as if there is no tomorrow to do it.
People get hooked to this way of life that is, in reality, above everybody means except the richests. But they don't want to live *within* their means anymore. They rather lives at next generation expense. Pirating their future.

It's no surprise they pirates software too. Cheapest and (sadly, as anti-pirating annoys only geniune customers) often the easiest way to get any software these days.

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