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GNU, GPL, Open Source A week ago the news got out that Microsoft had approached OSDL for a comperative study between Linux and Windows. OSDL confirmed this, however, they did not provide an answer to Microsoft's request. On Friday, Joe Brockmeier had a chance to have a short talk with Cohen [CEO of OSDL], and got a definitive answer. Cohen said that "there is no way we would do a joint research project with Microsoft."
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Gingerbread man v. fox
by historyb on Mon 29th Aug 2005 20:59 UTC
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When the fox got to the other edge he ate the gingerbreadman, breaking his word with this warning ¨You knew what I was when you got on¨. If OSDL had accepted MS offer OSDL would have ended up like the gingerbread man.

MS is a bad company and it shows.

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