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Internet & Networking "Apple's Safari is making its way to the Windows platform with the serious intention of making a dent in the market. As brilliant as the people are at Apple, I can't help but laugh at their, to put it politely, delusion. Before I ramble on too much, here are my five reasons why Safari will fail on the Windows platform." My take: Safari on Windows isn't here to take over the Windows browsing market. It's here for the iPhone.
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about Opera
by fejack on Wed 20th Jun 2007 13:04 UTC in reply to "RE"
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Opera did'nt make it on the desktop, but they've got a hold on the wearable devices market. Somewhere along the way, they made a smart move when they started porting it to the prominent wearable OS' like Windows mobile and Nokia's S60. Since then, it has been endorsed by moblie phone heavyweights.

It makes sense for Apple to make Safari available for testing purposes, however, being ported to Windows, it might never render pages or behave like it would on a Mac.

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