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PC-BSD "PC-BSD is not a Linux distribution, but rather it could be considered among the first major FreeBSD-based distributions to live outside of the official FreeBSD. Like most distributions, it has implemented certain features in a way that attempts to distinguish it from the competition, and I will focus mostly on these differences. This test drive is intended to give an overview of what PC-BSD is and why one would consider using it."
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More things to think about.
by Bjorg on Wed 20th Jun 2007 13:25 UTC
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I do not pretend to be discovering anything rith now, becuase if I do something it's to read a lot, OSNews, Digg, etc... I just repeat what I learn.

Computers were mainstreams mainly since Microsoft and Windows (before yor reply, I don't mean just by Microsoft, but more or less SINCE Microsoft) because they started to make things easier for the average people. Now they are the standard. We have forgotten that. I remember to feed my ego typing fast MS-DOS commands that my friends could not understand and even see in the screen, Wow!! I was a hacker, lol!! The good part came when you didn't need to type commands. My friends played the same games and did all that I could do.

Most of the people here (and I understand that, because it happens alot to me too) wants their preffered OS to be very exclusive, the best perfomance, high MySQL benchmarks, the best multiprocessor perfomance, scales well, no dependence nightmare, security... now try to change mindset, try to see it from outside, my sister, hematologist starts telling my about globules, blood diseases, ... BORING!!! I just want to be healthy and If I sometime am ill, I just want to take a pill (an interface) instead of having to know the inner workings of the pill (opening the shell and tweaking something)

Even some of you really don't want many people to use it, because then it would lose appeal, (I repeat, I understand that) but at the same time try to mention the word "MySQL", "PostgreSQL", "Scales well", FreeBSD having better "X" benchmarks than an Apple server, ... to an average user. In Spain they would call you computer-freakie. That is the very same people, in the other hand, that wants its preffered OS to be widely used.

Now think about windows:

Install a program: 3 or 4 clicks, in every computer, not need to know more. (In Debian: Apt-get inst..? What?!! Do I need to type to do something? or WORST, Do I have to learn something? Look for repositories???!! What is that?)

Security: Let's buy an Antivirus, this cost is assumed to be taken by everybody in this world, why? because if not, you would get a virus, that can be annoying one day that I need my computer for something important. Yes, windows has viruses, but with an antivirus I can fix it. Linux has fewer or almost no viruses ... ok, where's my Windows, I already know it.

Firewall: It comes with the antivirus, it takes care of it, or if not, I the worst case, I need to swith it on or off, not more. (Linux/Unix: policies? Ports open or closed? DMZs?

Wifi: Already running, or plug the USB device. (No need to find the drivers four your distro)

Again, try to say strange words to people, like "the ports collection", "bloated", flexible interface in KDE vs Simple in Gnome.

In 4 words: Windows is the standard, we need to make things as easy as in Windows, and I think the more you approach the interface, the location of things, the way of doing things of Windows the more you have an opportunity to be become MAINSTREAM, because I think that this is the game, isn't it?

If you want an average user changing OS you must achieve him/her having to read ZERO words, no manual, no instructions, a familiar interface. Because the interfaces are there for that, and if you give me a headache I will hate your OS and will go back to windows, where I feel confortable and safe, with my dear viruses (recommending my friends that Nod32, is cheap and good, better that yours, and by the way I prove that I know that little about computers).

Don't make me think, do make me think about the tool, becase the tool is there to help solve a problem, not to become the problem. (I would need another tool). I just want to type this memo or report and go out and have beer.

...because what I like is to have a beer with my friends, ... while you recompile the kernel or set those parameters to make it 4% faster. Then once you have mastered it, you will try to get it 10% faster, transparent windows in Plan9 or Inferno, or demonstrating that xBSD is better than OSX and Windows together (that is yor passsion, 2% of the word, engineer).

Meanwhile let me have my beer or play paddle, our average (guy) hobbies.

Every company needs to reach their customers, If you don't think about what your customers want you will not even enter their universe, you will be in your own universe, alone with your other 2% (Mr Engineer, getting paid a lot of money for your specailized knowledge), they will go with who are there, with them Microsoft and Apple, making everything beautiful and easy.

Why Ian Murdock is working at SUN now? What is his main goal? I think once they are able to get the Linux drivers they will play the same Apple game. Their "best OS in the world" put toghether with "run in almost everything" (Linux Drivers) and a little of the Ubuntu spice, "everything must be done with guy tools, 2 clicks, and precooked"

Why is Ubuntu there?, have you noticed that PCLOS is already nš2 in distrowatch?

Why iXsystems bought PC-BSD, to make you type strange commands at the shell, or to play the same game of Cannonical.

Less exclusiveness when what we want to get is to be as widely adopted as possible. If what you want is to beat benchmarks, that is ok, but do not pretend at the same time other thing.

You must approach the people, if you stay here but the people is there, the people will meet with who go THERE with them.

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