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OpenBSD "If you're a software enthusiast who has never used OpenBSD before, you might enjoy installing it by yourself and figuring it out as you go. If, however, you're looking for a more practical approach to using OpenBSD 4.1 on a desktop or server machine, here's a quick guide to get you started in this spectacular operating system."
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Secure by default != Secure
by jfryman on Wed 20th Jun 2007 20:55 UTC
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I think one of the things to make sure to take into account is the concept that once I install OpenBSD and start making changes to the OS to make it 'usable', I am losing the various security aspects that are enabled by default. It is necessary to make the system less secure to make it usable.

That being said, OpenBSD is great, and has it's uses. Just don't think that once you install the core OS and install the applications that you are secure. Once you start installing applications, it will be necessary to practice due care and get the necessary service/apps secured.

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