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OpenBSD "If you're a software enthusiast who has never used OpenBSD before, you might enjoy installing it by yourself and figuring it out as you go. If, however, you're looking for a more practical approach to using OpenBSD 4.1 on a desktop or server machine, here's a quick guide to get you started in this spectacular operating system."
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RE: Secure by default != Secure
by openwookie on Wed 20th Jun 2007 21:11 UTC in reply to "Secure by default != Secure"
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The idea is that at least you are starting with a secure base, and do not have to take action in order to make it secure. This differs from other OS's where a fresh install is not secure at all unless the administrator does *something* first. Ex: Windows 2003 requires a ton of patches after an initial install (along with turning off extra services) as the first step towards a secure system.

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