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Original OSNews Interviews The Internet opens new doors to artists, there is no question about that. And between geeks like us here at OSNews, we should be supporting the independent artists. The most well-known online Indie short film competition, DVXFest, finished last week and the results are in. The latest theme was "make a spy movie", and one of our favorites, "Imprint" by Van Blumreich was awarded second place (a production that cost just $500). The story is set in a somewhat-futuristic time that's been plagued by the deadly Long Virus. Rob Cardine is dying of it and in order to keep himself alive, he carries out ethically questionable assignments in order to receive treatments for his disease. But when an assignment goes wrong, Rob is confronted with his own questions of ethics and humanity. How far is too far? Click here to download and view the short movie for free (48 MB), and read more for our interview with Van Blumreich.
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So I've been modded down because my7 comment was a) Abusive or b) off topic.

Since it was neither, rather, the article is OT I shouldn't really have been modded down.

Once upon a time this site was frequented by intelligent adults not hormonal teenagers with an affliction from the ASD.

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