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X11, Window Managers The merger between compiz and Beryl now has a name: Compiz Fusion. "Our previous attempts to select a project name have not gone well. We tried a poll but the names in the poll were not pre-qualified to determine if they were usable and the 'winning' name was also a strongly disliked name. Kristian and I each proposed a plan to select a name, but that effort got sidetracked by a massive flame war on the mailing list. While our community has some democratic features, ultimately it is a meritocracy and the people who contribute the most value have the most say. So in the end a decision was made by the majority of the people who have contributed the most."
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RE: Compiz?
by Schmeggma on Thu 21st Jun 2007 19:46 UTC in reply to "Compiz?"
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I always liked the name "Compiz".. I would think the kind of people who would be confused/turned off by an unfamiliar sounding name are probably the kind of people who don't need to know what the window manager on their computer is called anyway.

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