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KDE "If you visited the Plasma project's outdated Web site in past weeks, you might have gotten the impression that the team behind the project to revitalize the KDE desktop hasn't been up to much these past months. Delve into KDE's SVN repository, mailing lists, or the mind of lead developer Aaron Seigo, however, and you'll find a more exciting story." More here.
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Way to improve
by protomank on Fri 22nd Jun 2007 12:34 UTC
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Aaron, take a look in google earth.
When you click on a city with more than one object (a pin for exemple), it will expand to show the pins around the central point. I think it's much better, because each expanded pin could show it's action/behavior.

Anyway, I hope this isn't a default option on KDE4, even if I liked the idea, the double click is just simpler and better.

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