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SkyOS SkyOS Beta build 6753 has been released. The installation procedure is now provided through a Live CD session thanks to BranchFS. This build includes the new C++ API, which makes development much easier. It also comes with three new services (PowerMonitor, SpellChecker and Registrar) and support for 45 more ATA/SATA chipsets. It also offers initial support for GNU classpath, Kaffe and Wine.
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RE[2]: title is misleading
by BurningShadow on Fri 22nd Jun 2007 20:40 UTC in reply to "RE: title is misleading"
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How is a SkyOS news any different from a Windows news?
Only the number of users is different, but that doesn't change the fact they you also have to pay for Windows, and if you don't, the Windows news is just as irrelevant as the SkyOS news.

If you think the SkyOS news is irrelevant, because you don't have SkyOS, then why do you read it anyway?

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