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KDE "If you visited the Plasma project's outdated Web site in past weeks, you might have gotten the impression that the team behind the project to revitalize the KDE desktop hasn't been up to much these past months. Delve into KDE's SVN repository, mailing lists, or the mind of lead developer Aaron Seigo, however, and you'll find a more exciting story." More here.
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by quenturi on Sat 23rd Jun 2007 22:10 UTC
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Hum, I watched the screencast and I guess I missed something. Sub icons within the main icon which allows the user to lauch an app and open the document. Well, I'm sorry but I really missed something here. I've been able to do that for ages with a single icon without the new sub icons. I do understand other corners'icons can be used for other purposes so I'll wait to see what this new feature has to offer. But so far, I'm not really impressed by that precise feature although I see lot of exciting things coming soon along with kde4.

Another thing is I don't use icons much and certainly not for documents on my desktop. Of course, I might one of these days but for now, my only icons on desktop are: big ones for the kicker/panel, my drives, two or three folders and a few apps, and small icons in the system tray. Now, for konqueror (as file manager) or dolphin, I never use the 'icon view'. I have been using 'detailed list view' for years. I know most screenshots out there show nice (or less nice lol) icons in konqueror but frankly even if 'some' icons are cool I don't see the interest to have a few icons when I can have much more info within the same space in a much more elegant way. And frankly, I don't think I'm the only one in that case.

Anyway keep up the good work kde team and please, please, keep it simple and pure, do not overload the beast ;-)

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