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Windows ITWire: "Linux users can, at times, be the worst kind of ingrates, whining and complaining about what they perceive as missing features in a free operating system. My advice to all such whingers: spend 10 days using the latest version of Windows and you'll realise that you are living in a world of relative bliss."
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RE[7]: read up
by Supreme Dragon on Sun 24th Jun 2007 00:07 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: read up"
Supreme Dragon
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"Lower yes, not significantly. Not by todays standards. People have had 1ghz CPU's for many many years now."

Vista system requirements are inexcusable:

"I don't care about the EULA. It belongs to me and I do as I please with it, as I have been and as I will continue to do. The EULA doesn't magically stop me from doing anything."

You should care about the Vista EULA, the EULA gives MS outrageous access to peoples computers. They are obviously abusing their monopoly.

"Linux gives me freedom? Freedom to bang my head against the wall? It doesn't allow me to do anything I can't do in windows. If anything it prevents me from doing what I want due to poor hardware support."

Linux has better hardware support than Vista and MS will be requiring "signed" drivers.

"Quality? It's never been more stable than XP for me. I have always found it and the apps somewhat buggy.
There isn't even much choice. If anything I have far less choice in linux than in windows. Far fewer apps to choose from."

Linux has many good and DRM free programs available to use. 81 reasons to use Linux:

"What the MPAA DRM protected HD content could do is lower the resolution if there is not an HDMI Video Card and HDMI monitor. That's it. Same requirement for a set top box and your TV. And that's ONLY if the MPAA enables it. Not Microsoft, not Vista, the MPAA."

Nobody forced MS to infect their OS with that garbage. MS could have chosen to oppose such drastic and unnecessary DRM infection, but instead they chose to conspire against their customers. MS is a truly untrustworthy and highly offensive monopolist, people should avoid their products when possible.

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