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Windows ITWire: "Linux users can, at times, be the worst kind of ingrates, whining and complaining about what they perceive as missing features in a free operating system. My advice to all such whingers: spend 10 days using the latest version of Windows and you'll realise that you are living in a world of relative bliss."
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RE[9]: read up
by Supreme Dragon on Sun 24th Jun 2007 01:20 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: read up"
Supreme Dragon
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"They aren't high. Most people have had computers than can run it for many many years."

What are people getting for the increased system requirements? Vista offers nothing(except DRM) over XP SP2. MS should have just offered another service pack for XP instead of wasting billions on that Vista monstrosity.

"EULA has been through several revisions since then. And you are just being paranoid."

The EULA is vile, and MS can make it even more vile any time they choose. MS is being given too much control of people's computers, and people should be informed of such monopolistic abuse.

"Many, sure. Good? Hardly."

Linux market share is increasing everyday, and the number of program choices are increasing with it.

"I have Vista. I can use drivers that aren't signed. Just click to use unsigned drivers anyways. Works everytime. Though the vast majority of drivers are signed so it's not an issue."

MS could prevent the use of "unsigned" drivers at any time, they would probably claim it is for "security" reasons. It would just be another attempt to gain even more control of people's computers. MS should never be trusted.

"Very few release linux drivers. You can't even argue that Linux has better hardware support."

There have been many complaints about hardware(and software) not working with Vista. Linux has good hardware support and it is getting better everyday.

"Conspire against their customers? Their customers want to be able to play that content. How would they feel if they couldn't play it? It's there for those who want it and it doesn't affect those who don't. Best of both worlds."

DRM should not be forcibly integrated into the OS, people should be given a choice.

"In linux you can't play your HD-DVD or Blue Ray discs at all. How much fun is that? Not even in OSX."

That is why most people will be using regular DVD's and movie downloads on their computers.

"And the DRM on the discs doesn't interfere with anything I do at all."

The DRM is useless and does nothing to stop piracy, it just annoys paying customers.

"It's clear you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about and you have no interest in getting clue. You'd just rather spread your FUD. Have fun with that. It's been debunked over and over again."

Informing people about a distasteful and objectionable monopolist and the nasty software it's "customers" are forced to buy is not spreading FUD. Many people will be switching to Linux because of MS's morally debased treatment of it's "customers".

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