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Mac OS X "One of the salient points repeated at the WWDC keynote was Leopard's support for '64 bits top to bottom'. However, a close peek at the slide shown this year showed a subtle difference to last year's - the word 'Carbon' was missing. Of course a storm of confusion soon ensued, with the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth from some quarters and polite shrugging from others. Apple stock fell and rose again, some developers professed bliss while others threatened to leave the platform, non-developers wrote learned analyses about obscure technical points, not to speak of reports of raining frogs or even an unconfirmed Elvis sighting in a Moscone restroom. Allow me to try to explain all (well, Elvis excepted)."
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This is gonna be a PR nightmare for Apple, and all of the big software houses who write apps for Apple will be pissed...and for good reason.

Read the linked article, specifically the quote from the (not at all angry) Adobe guy.

In short, 64-bits is not some magical thing that makes everything faster. It can actually make some applications slower.

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