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Windows As was to be expected, the Longhorn Reloaded team has been shut down by Microsoft. "It is with sad news that I have to inform you that today due to a cesit and decist letter we recived from Microsoft we are no longer able to provide you with a download link to Longhorn Reloaded. It deeply saddens me that although Microsoft hknew about this project for many months they only issued us with this notice a few days after we started to distribute the iso via torrents and ftp server."
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RE[2]: Cooperations buys laws
by BluenoseJake on Tue 26th Jun 2007 03:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Cooperations buys laws"
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"You also have the right to go to any software developer and have them change the program to fit YOUR requirements"

I seriously doubt that, if I developed an opensource program, and you came to me and started to demand changes, I might consider it if it was worthwhile, but I also might tell you to take a hike. That's the right of the developer. The power of OSS is the legal right to modify applications YOURSELF to fit your needs, and with the GPL and similar liscenses, you have to make those changes available to the public. You have no rights to demand anything. The right you have, is to change it yourself, or find some other app that suits your needs better.

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