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Windows As was to be expected, the Longhorn Reloaded team has been shut down by Microsoft. "It is with sad news that I have to inform you that today due to a cesit and decist letter we recived from Microsoft we are no longer able to provide you with a download link to Longhorn Reloaded. It deeply saddens me that although Microsoft hknew about this project for many months they only issued us with this notice a few days after we started to distribute the iso via torrents and ftp server."
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RE[3]: Cooperations buys laws
by WyldStylist on Tue 26th Jun 2007 06:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Cooperations buys laws"
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The bloat i mentioned goes to the reactos resource department in their intepretation of the Explorer shell , from the beginning it was 200 kb , when you with reshacker strip xp explorer.exe of the never used resources like bitmaps and icons you get around 320 kb , strip resources from shell32.dll 3.00 mb i know i've done it and it increases performance since it loads smaller files, i basically removed all 48x48 icons, left only 16x16 and 32x32 intact, placed 1 byte dummy icons for never used icons and for the ones that i use i have 256 colours , also i removed the overactive desktop functionality and use k-meleon only. however the 1 mb explorer.exe in reactos looks like bloat to me, no matter how much you reshack it it will stay big and messy, windows xp gui is incompatible with reactos, and yeah its slow dont get me wrong but reactos shell32.dll on install never does a cleanup on languages it takes up all possible languages stored inside (that too takes space and eats memory).
The version for "optional" overactive desktop is like deleting mshtml.dll from winntsystem32 folder not more.
Thats why a new distro need to be made , one with logical GUI without Active Desktop spyware feast, and after that focus on compatibility /network/drivers/ntfs support.
Not first build the bloat and after that the importain things.
But making a gui that is compatible with the xp/2003/win2000 gui would be nice , preferably to behave like an nt4 gui since the nt4 gui was quite decent before all patches, if they want graphical extras sure but make em not so integrated so they can be easily toasted .
smss.exe,lsass.exe are but examples there should be a way with command line to reboot too if people run advanced to test the os speed.
Come on dont we want reactos to surpass Windows?
Winlogon doesn't even need to be running same with RPC
(kill that and no taskbar bug after restart on xp)
Then we have the svchost instances only 1 needed, for sound (if your a gamer) come on how does miranda Im beat ICQ and Msn? it aint memoryhungry
Personally i encourage Reactos project i just would like more innovation in saving system resources instead of adding more fat and whats up with the wine based shell32?
Also a good idea would be to do like in win95 days easily unmark the stuff that wont be installed so everybody gets happy and i dont get "dont you know how dirt cheap ram is?" comments cause a good os that use very little system resources but is compatible with the systems makes excellent gaming os.
Thats why i would encourage a stand alone continuation of reactos project like Longhorn reloaded , they can rename it anything like for example Devilhorn to avoid ms attention ;)

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