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Mac OS X Another turn in the Apple-ZFS saga. Apple has made available a developer preview of ZFS for Mac OS X with read/write capability. The preview is available to all ADC members. From the readme file: "ZFS is a new filesystem from Sun Microsystems which has been ported by Apple to Mac OS X. The initial (10.5.0) release of Leopard will restrict ZFS to read-only, so no ZFS pools or filesystems can be modified or created. This Developer Preview will enable full read/write capability, which includes the creation/destruction of ZFS pools and filesystems." Update: Will it ever end? The release has been pulled from ADC by Apple.
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Excellent FS
by juno_106 on Tue 26th Jun 2007 12:13 UTC
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Cool! Seems like ZFS is getting adopted by most systems now. I'm happy to see my two favorite systems offering it: OS X and FreeBSD.

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