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BeOS & Derivatives There have been some interesting developments in the Haiku/BeOS world the past few weeks. Firstly, SkyOS developer Peter "Darkness" Speybrouck has been working on accessing SkyFS/BeFS partitions from Windows. Secondly, Opera 3.62 runs on Haiku. Lastly, if you have an Intel Mac, you can use VMware Fusion to run Haiku in Mac OS X; Haiku does not support EFI, so this is your only chance of running Haiku if you own an Intel Mac.
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RE[3]: Hm
by leavengood on Tue 26th Jun 2007 16:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hm"
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Without a Haiku kernel hacker having direct access to the hardware of course, it will be difficult to debug ;)

I'm not exactly a Haiku kernel hacker (yet), but I just bought a Dell Core 2 Duo desktop for specifically developing and testing Haiku. Right now I run Haiku in QEMU on Ubuntu Linux on this machine, but I'll probably create a small partition for testing Haiku soon. Of course the lack of SATA drivers might be a problem.

FYI the full Haiku image builds in 13 minutes on this machine :-D

On my old Celeron 1.33 GHz BeOS box it takes hours...

Ryan Leavengood

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