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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "There's a problem with Solaris and Sun knows it. The installation experience of Solaris (along with other areas) could be greatly improved. The installer doesn't 'suck' as it's easy and known to Solaris administrators, but for a Linux or Windows user it could prove to be a bit challenging. For those of you that have never tried out Solaris, what we've decided to do is to show you this 'usability gap' with the installation process in Solaris compared to Linux. Is the experience really that bad?"
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by tony on Tue 26th Jun 2007 17:52 UTC
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Another issue is how cumbersome the Solaris install is. Sure, it's functional, but there's lots of room for improvement, and just about everyone else has something easier, something that doesn't get in the way.

And Solaris, don't fall into the trap that Linux fanboys do.

"It's easy to use!"
"No it's not, I had to dig around in [insert config file here] to figure it out."
"Then you're just clueless n00b who isn't 31337!"
"I thought you said it was easy!"

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