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Linux "Let's face it; some distributions have better controls for handling display issues than others. Two that do it right out of the box that come to mind include Fedora (Red Hat) and openSUSE (Novell). Each includes tools that minimize the need to do what I gleefully refer to as the 'Xorg dance'. Basically, these options mean you are going to be spending more time exploring what these distros have to offer, yet less time wondering why your resolution looks completely off. Unfortunately, even with the latest release of Ubuntu, we have yet to see this level of functionality."
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RE[2]: Future of xorg
by Chris on Tue 26th Jun 2007 20:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Future of xorg"
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"The main problem with Sax2, however, is that it makes it hard to hack you xorg.conf file. As good as Sax2 is, sometimes it just isn't enough and you need to hack away at xorg.conf yourself. But in order to keep xorg.conf stable and readable by Sax2, Sax2 generates it on boot, so you can never hack it."

?? I can do whatever I like with xorg.conf and it doesn't get overwritten by sax2.
Even when i run sax2 to change some setting it will only change that one setting and leave everything else I changed in xorg.conf alone.

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