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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "There's a problem with Solaris and Sun knows it. The installation experience of Solaris (along with other areas) could be greatly improved. The installer doesn't 'suck' as it's easy and known to Solaris administrators, but for a Linux or Windows user it could prove to be a bit challenging. For those of you that have never tried out Solaris, what we've decided to do is to show you this 'usability gap' with the installation process in Solaris compared to Linux. Is the experience really that bad?"
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What I found
by hraq on Wed 27th Jun 2007 03:00 UTC
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1. Solaris installation was very slow in comparision with every os on the palnet right now.

2. Solaris partitioner needs to improve alot to become helpful.

3. Solaris betas are different from each other on the same hardware; they will install on one build and not on another (Graphics/HDD reasons)

4. Solaris hardware support in scarse with power management close to none. (cannot turn off HDD after a while)

5. Multiuser experience is bad, because there are no multiuser switching GUI like in Windows or Mac, very similar from linux though.

6. No full integration of all the tools in one location for management like in windows devmgmt.msc or mac System Preferences or some linux distros like Novell

7. Very fast startup times, very close from mac but not better yet.

8. super fast disk access times and less Wait I/O operations than all linuxes out there. Even faster than mac journaled HFS.

9. No Decent software installer, unlike its cousin ubuntu which has excellent Add/Remove Programs or Synaptic Package manager for more advanced users.

10. Too much clicks on solaris installer especially for selecting Regions and language options and support area; please no drop down arows, hallo drop down menus.

11. No easy OS recovery option from the installation DVD; and no DVD Check sum unlike RHEL and OSX installation media integrity verifiers

12. I have to go

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