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Linux The Linux community is splitting - right down the middle, at this point - over Microsoft's controversial claims that the open-source operating system infringes on patents it holds. Last Tuesday, Mandriva became the third Linux vendor within five days to say it isn't interested in signing a licensing deal with Microsoft to avoid possible infringement claims. A blog posting to that effect by Mandriva CEO Francois Bancilhon followed similar declarations by officials at Red Hat and Canonical.
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RE[2]: fud
by searly on Wed 27th Jun 2007 09:14 UTC in reply to "RE: fud"
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You don't really believe that do you ... are you really that naive?

1. There are also very likely patents infringed by Microsoft, one of the main reasons why they won't sue ... a patent war would show that most of the patents Microsoft holds would probably not hold in a court case, and it is never a good idea to sue some of your customers, which they would need to do.

Patents might be legal, but that does not mean that they will hold up in court ... fact is it is impossible for any programmer today to not infringe on somebody's patent ... which shows that the whole patent system is utterly broken and has the reverse effect from what it was intended to do (which is protect smaller companies who come up with new ideas and implementations)

2. There is no urgency to do anything, it is business as usual - Microsoft making wild unsubstantiated claims and spreading FUD ... c'mon Microsoft has always done this, it is part of their corporate identity. Anyways it is very clear all Linux Vendors say the same thing ... no one believes that Linux infringes patens

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