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Linspire Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, writes: "With the recent news of several Linux vendors entering into partnership agreements with Microsoft (Novell, Linspire, Xandros), there has been much debate recently about two factions of Linux forming. Saying that Linux is going to be torn in two, makes for good press and lively debates, but this is certainly nothing new for Linux."
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I understand what he's saying
by fretinator on Thu 28th Jun 2007 19:58 UTC
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I am one who isn't thrilled by all the recent MicroLinux deals lately, but I do understand one thing Kevin C. is saying - they do openly and legally what many are doing secretly. I watch DVD's under Linux. However, I have to "secretly" install libdvdcss to do it. With Linspire I can do it openly and above board with a licensed DVD player. I think most of us think the propietary bits like DVD, MP3, RealAudio, and for years, the JDK are not the best thing, and we would all love for the to be free and open (and Java soon will be!). However, one of the first things many of us do (not RMS, of course) is go get these proprietary bits. What companies like Linspire do is make it legal and above board. I do respect that. I just hope we can get to the point of not needing it!

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