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BeOS & Derivatives Bryan Varner, one of the core developers of the stalled port of Java 1.4 port to BeOS R5 has an interesting post on his blog. Recently he met up with Ian Murdock of Sun at a local Java Users Group, and as a result he is now looking to restart the port, this time for Haiku.
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A win win?
by Haicube on Thu 28th Jun 2007 20:04 UTC
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This is good, this is really good. Can't believe there's so much bubbling the Haiku community right now, even though blabbering and delivering is hardly the same thing.

I would definitely say that it'd be a good deal for SUN PR wise to help Haiku... and as a sideeffect, I'm sure that Microsoft (in the longer run) would tremble a lot more from Haikus presence than any *Nix presence (excluded OSX) on the market.

I've waited 5 years for things to start happening for real, now it seems so many pieces of the pussle just seem to fit.

Am I the only one who actually feel hope about having fun using a system again?

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