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Intel Theo de Raadt wrote about the Intel Core 2 Duo chip: "Various developers are busy implementing workarounds for serious bugs in Intel's Core 2 cpu. These processors are buggy as hell, and some of these bugs don't just cause development/debugging problems, but will assuredly be exploitable from userland code." Intel has given a response to the concerns as well.
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What about the propeller chip?
It has eight 32bit cores, and I think no errata at all.
The designers placed all transistors and wiring manually, without use of standard IP blocks or high level design languages. So it is a 'full custom' chip.

From the site:
"We designed our own logic, RAMs, ROMs, PLLs, band-gap references, oscillators, and even ESD-hardened I/O pads"

Of course this does not guarantee it is error free, but as it's a small processor designed totally in house by fanatics, it just might be possible.

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