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Linspire Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, writes: "With the recent news of several Linux vendors entering into partnership agreements with Microsoft (Novell, Linspire, Xandros), there has been much debate recently about two factions of Linux forming. Saying that Linux is going to be torn in two, makes for good press and lively debates, but this is certainly nothing new for Linux."
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RE: Fine words butter no IP
by Ventajou on Thu 28th Jun 2007 22:48 UTC in reply to "Fine words butter no IP"
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Divide to conquer... That's what MS is getting out of it.

Some folks now are pissed at Novell and others for signing the agreement while corporate clients might turn their back to Red Hat because they didn't sign.

They don't even need to show anything concrete about what Linux infringes, they throw a rock in the water every now and then and watch the waves.

Fact is, if they actually came up with a legitimate list of patents, the community would find workarounds to all of them within 6 months. Then not only MS would loose a vector of FUD, but it would also demonstrate once again the Linux community's ability to adapt.

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