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Windows Microsoft is simplifying the processes via which its PC-maker partners will be able to provide 'downgrade' rights from Windows Vista to Windows XP for their customers. Microsoft will implement the first of the policy changes for its Gold Certified (top-tier) OEM partners within the next couple of weeks. The company will streamline downgrade-rights policies and procedures for the broader channel somewhat later, said John Ball, general manager of Microsoft's US Systems Group.
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"Dropping Windows Vista as a flop."

So what you're saying is that the billions of dollars you invested in this 'flop' mean nothing, and are expendable? Your shareholders would eat you alive (and almost decidedly vote you out of the company), and you'd personally piss off the 10,000 employees who poured their blood sweat and tears into this product...they'd leave in droves as they'd have zero confidence in management.

"Ending the Product Activation requirement"

Thus opening up the floodgates for piracy. It's funny how no one who has actually purchased a license has any qualms with PA.

"but a license of my own making that allows for continued proprietary software developemnt on the system as well as full open development rights for what would become the Windows XP community."

Just what we need, YALC (Yet Another License Scheme). You seem to forget that most of the MS MVP's have full access to Windows source code, and regularly submit bug fixes.

"Continuing to make money off of preloads of non OS software such as Office for computer systems"

Let's offer up our bread and butter, our core workhorse upon which all of our other software is built upon, for free?

"I believe that Microsoft is really missing out on a stratagy that could LEGITIMATELY beat Linux"

MS is already beating Linux...they've actually never been losing.

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