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Intel Theo de Raadt wrote about the Intel Core 2 Duo chip: "Various developers are busy implementing workarounds for serious bugs in Intel's Core 2 cpu. These processors are buggy as hell, and some of these bugs don't just cause development/debugging problems, but will assuredly be exploitable from userland code." Intel has given a response to the concerns as well.
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RE[2]: What about microcode updates?
by pcummins on Fri 29th Jun 2007 07:26 UTC in reply to "What about microcode updates?"
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Quite a bit, however usually Intel expects compiler coders to generate the correct code to avoid/work around the issue. Intel would probably generate a microcode patch to fix any show stopping bugs or serious userland exploits (ie, run dodgy code, get to ring 0/kernel mode) however probably at a cost of execution time or other drawbacks.

Ultimately this means at some point it's probably easier to run hypervisor code that knows the bugs, then virtualises the software/OS completely to scan and fix/detect any code that is bad and eliminates it before it can actually run on the CPU. While they're at it, they can probably optimise/tune the code for performance on the targetted CPU instead.

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