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Windows Microsoft is simplifying the processes via which its PC-maker partners will be able to provide 'downgrade' rights from Windows Vista to Windows XP for their customers. Microsoft will implement the first of the policy changes for its Gold Certified (top-tier) OEM partners within the next couple of weeks. The company will streamline downgrade-rights policies and procedures for the broader channel somewhat later, said John Ball, general manager of Microsoft's US Systems Group.
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At risk of getting flamed...
by Laurence on Fri 29th Jun 2007 11:20 UTC
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In Microsoft's defence (and I don't do this often) Vista isn't /that/ bad. Sure from a security experts perspective it does things backwards (e.g. prompting users reminding them that they could be doing harmful things rather than out-right disallowing their actions without root access) and from an OS geeks perspective the interface is slow, ugly and massively dumbed down, but all things being considered it's really not /that/ bad for the average Jo User.

I think Vista's biggest problem is that it has been inappropriately pushed out on any and every system without though to whether said system (or even the user purchasing the system) needs Vista.

Give it another 12 months / 2 years and I'm sure many experts wouldn't think twice about recommending Vista for home users.
Personally, I would choose Slackware and FreeBSD over Vista any day, but then I'm an OS geek so Vista clearly isn't marketed for me (Windows Server n maybe, but not Vista)

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