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Windows Microsoft is simplifying the processes via which its PC-maker partners will be able to provide 'downgrade' rights from Windows Vista to Windows XP for their customers. Microsoft will implement the first of the policy changes for its Gold Certified (top-tier) OEM partners within the next couple of weeks. The company will streamline downgrade-rights policies and procedures for the broader channel somewhat later, said John Ball, general manager of Microsoft's US Systems Group.
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Re: upgrade treadmill
by mind!dagger on Fri 29th Jun 2007 12:09 UTC
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"I think it is high time for Microsoft to admit that their upgrade treadmill in proprietary operating systems has ENDED."

In spirit I agree with you! The reality of the matter is this company, short of a comet impact directly on Redmond, is going to be around for a very long time.

Saying that, don't flame me. I'm not a Microsoft boy or gal! I absolutely hate the company and could care less about any product they produce. Microsoft proved to me they could not produce a quality product in five years, billions of dollars and thousands of talented coders.

We recently received a new CIO. He's scheduled us to replace our PC equipment and XP in the next OS upgrade treadmill this summer. I use OS X and Linux in my work. He shut me down completely by taking my old but rock-solid-stable Mac and said, "you are receiving Vista for better compatibility and it's what our customers use."

This is called "tyranny by the majority".

I run Oracle servers and databases. Who gives a flying rats @$$ about what customers use when I'm stuck in a cubicle somewhere managing their databases and Windows 2003 Oracle servers with OS X and Linux.

Oh well. It's going to backfire on the CIO. With multiple departments, dozens of department heads and several thousand employees the feedback on Vista from its users will be "WOW" - "What a piece of ****!"

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