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Red Hat "Red Hat and IBM recently announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 has earned the highest level of security certification achievable by commercial off-the-shelf operating systems. The certification is applicable when RHEL5 is running on IBM hardware, but all of the software is freely available, which may reduce the worries of customers regardless of which hardware they are considering running Linux on. The Fedora and CentOS distributions will immediately benefit, because they use the same software and SELinux policies, but other distributions can use the information as well."
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RE: SELinux
by siti on Fri 29th Jun 2007 15:02 UTC in reply to "SELinux"
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Selinux is complex, but it's RBAC (Role based access control) done correctly (unlike some alternatives).

I just wish all distros would adopt redhat/fedora like security (e.g. selinux and (pax or exec-shield)).

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