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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature a very interesting interview with David Turner, one of the main Freetype developers, discussing the project's past and future. These days, David continues his work in Freetype even after having been hired by Google.
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by rx182 on Fri 29th Jun 2007 17:24 UTC
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I got a question for you, Mr. Turner ;-)

I'm one of those who HATE fuzzy fonts. CRT or LCD: it doesn't matter. I can't browse the web with a default Ubuntu setup. My eyes hurt after 5 minutes.

However, with auto-hinter, things get better. I love high-contrast. I loved the days of bitmap fonts. Unfortunately, a problem remains: fonts sizes are incorrect.

I use Tahoma, Times New Roman, Courier New, Arial and Verdana. I use Ubuntu (Feisty) and I have xorg.conf's DisplaySize set in a way that makes Xorg think im using a 96dpi display. This is a common trick and Windows does the same. I also have Xft.dpi set to 96dpi. But for a reason I still doesn't know, fonts sizes are incorrect. Tahoma, for exemple, always renders too small while Verdana renders too big. Courier New is too small too. I think Times New Roman is ok.

I can't simply tell Gnome to use Tahoma 8pt for menus and dialogs to mimic Windows because it will be too small. I have to make compromises all the time.

Is this normal?
Thank you!

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