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Apple The iPhone is out and about, and everyone waiting in line for hours/days got one (including Woz, and the mayor of Philadelphia who apparently had nothing better to do). Unboxing pictures here, dissecting pictures here, PDF manual, and one of the best-designed iPhone web apps can be found here: the iPhoneAppsManager (requires a Safari/Webkit browser to work). Update: Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Update 2: It is claimed Apple UK will announce a 3G iPhone on Monday, as well as deals with Vodafone and T-Mobile. Update 3: Lots of screenshots reveal no "weekend/weekday" recurrence in the alarm app.
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RE[2]: Now
by Quake on Sat 30th Jun 2007 05:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Now"
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The only provider in Canada that can accept the iPhone is Rogers, which I've heard lots of horror stories with them.

Actually, Canada needs more mobile competition. The only GSM provider here is Rogers (Rogers brought Fido), so not a lot of choice (Telus and Bell uses CDMA).

Plus, the iPhone is locked with an integrated sim card. Quite unusual for a GSM phone, which can be compared to a CDMA phone. Which means you can't unlock it and use it with another provider by changing the sim card.

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