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Features, Office The project has released the second beta of version 2 of their office suite. "This is our second beta of 2.0. That means it probably has bugs; use caution. Download, test it out, and file bug reports with the QA Project."
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What value would there be in having a 64 bit XP release at this point? All it would do is force a lot 32 bit optimized math to be promoted to 64 bits and result in a slower application.

Slower application? Ehhrr.... in case you missed this, 64bit apps are generally a LOT faster since they have higher throughput. My experience so far from the 64bit world is in general that everything just simply goes twice as fast.

Just because me, and many others with me, want 64bit apps doesn't mean we don't appreciate a 32 bit version being around.

64bit is the way to go, and for OOo being there before MSO would definitely be a very nice move.

I've seen this attitude all over the OSS place about 32bit vs 64bit... and story will repeat itself. Proprietary will get there first and OSS will wake up 2 years later.

(Note: I do exclude those brave 64bit linux/BSD users but you guys hardly apply to the 64bit Windows world)

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