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Intel "Buried deep in a pile of slashdot comments, Matthew Dillon of DragonFly gives a detailed assessment of the Intel Core bugs. While a lot of news sites and bloggers were quick to dismiss the issue as inflated, Dillon's comments provide a much closer look at the actual issues."
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The real followup..
by deanna on Sat 30th Jun 2007 19:19 UTC
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It's nice that this is still being discussed, but the real followup should be the fact that all the news outlets (perhaps deliberately) missed the point. To quote Henning Brauer:

people just don't get it.

first, intel provides the microcode updates only to MS and hardware vendors. if you don't run windows and your hardware vendor does not supply a bios upgrade, you're doomed. And we all know how good hardware vendors are at suplying updated bioses...

second and more importantly, there updates by intel only fix a FEW of these problems, a LOT are left. there's some indicators that some of these issues are not microcode fixable. and intel clearly stated that they will not fix some others.

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