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Editorial Sometimes, Apple's (or any other software maker's) complete lack of respect for usability never ceases to amaze me. Take today for example. Apart from the close, minimise, and "maximise" widgets Apple places on window decors, there is also a fourth widget programmers on the Apple platform can use. This widget resembles a sort of dash, and is placed on the top right corner of the window decor. This widget is used in many applications, both from Apple as well as from various third parties. It has one function: toggle the visibility of the window's toolbar.
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when you multitask you don't one want one app taking over the whole screen. Many Windows users are still in the old MS-DOS mentality of using one app at a time, maximized, and using alt tab to switch. maybe there should be another button for that. But optimal windows management with multiple windows is a pretty tricky problem and Apple at least attempts to address it.

fluxbox i've heard also tries to solve these problems

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