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Gnome "To put things short, Gconf is a system built in GNOME 2 which stores applications' preferable configuration data as well as graphical environment variables in its own files. I'd like you to get familiar with the Gconf tool's functions, engineering, and usage with this article."
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RE: Registry
by d3vi1 on Mon 2nd Jul 2007 20:36 UTC in reply to "Registry"
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It's not really a registry. It's a settings backend. The real beauty of GConf is the fact that everything is stored in human-readable and editable XML files.

Another interesting thing that I've noticed is that if you change a setting in GConf, the application is notified and reacts accordingly. That means that if you simply edit the color field for a button in nautilus, it instantly changes color (assuming nautilus would have something like that).

GConf is also conceived in a way that is pretty user friendly, thus browsing through it is not a complete mess like browsing through the Windows Registry.

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