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Hardware, Embedded Systems "One of the biggest news stories out of this year's Computex wasn't of a new chipset, GPU, or graphics card, but rather of the announcement of the ASUS Eee PC, a small, slim, and light portable computer that is priced at USD 199. Introduced by Jonney Shih, Chariman and CEO of ASUS at Intel's keynote address the first day of the show, the Eee PC has already made headlines world wide. Not only have we had the chance to actually use the ASUS Eee PC, we can also confirm some important new specifications of the notebook."
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by Ravyne on Mon 2nd Jul 2007 20:49 UTC
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It's sounding more and more like a great deal. 900Mhz is faster than the previous expectation of 600Mhz on the low-end and 800Mhz on the high-end. Those Pentium M's are no slouch either, though I wonder how the smaller cache will hold out.

I had a Dell 700m with roughly the same sized keyboard which I used for class and did a fair amount of programming on. Its not too small, provided your hands aren't meat-hooks.

One thing I'd really like to know is whether the Flash is soldered to the mainboard, or if it's in a standard form, such as a 1.8" drive, which could be upgraded with a larger (possibly magnetic) drive.

Believe it or not, I'd actually like to give a go at Windows XP on one of these things.

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