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Features, Office Massachusetts has proposed changing its standards policy to make room for Microsoft Office document formats. The state's Information Technology Division on Monday posted a draft proposal, part of a periodic revision to its overall technical architecture, to its Web site where it will be under review until July 20. If accepted, the policy update would list Office Open XML as acceptable 'open formats' for use by executive-branch state agencies. Office Open XML, also referred to as Ecma-376, are the XML-based file formats in Office 2007 that Microsoft standardized at Ecma International late last year.
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RE[2]: bah
by dsmogor on Tue 3rd Jul 2007 12:28 UTC in reply to "RE: bah"
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Read that and think again:

OOXML may be an nonbinary XML format but missing crucial specifications it's far from being open. For non-microsoft world wanting to support it fully it is not much of a gain because:
1. Binary ole container is currently best reverse engineered of all aspects of doc format . Having xml dump of it doesn't buy much today.
2. It's the meaning of all attributes, precise definition of their impact and MS commitment to that definition what is most needed and incidentally lacking from OOXML spec.
Until I see a 100% correct .docx viewer running on non-windows OS and written with 0% of MS-deriven code I can assure it's open.

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