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Microsoft "The more I think about Microsoft, the more I realise that they are, possibly for the first time, seriously cornered (or surrounded, depending on how you want to see it). A little history will clarify why I think so - and why I think that this might really be the beginning of the end for Microsoft."
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Very short-sighted article
by eKstreme on Tue 3rd Jul 2007 15:15 UTC
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Microsoft is a platform company. The old platform was Win32 and they controlled it. Now people want cross-platform, so Microsoft created the .net stack, and gently helped (i.e. didn't stop) it being ported to Linux.

Well that wasn't good enough. The web is now becoming a platform. Gee, what to do? Oh, create Silverlight.

Microsoft will always control the platform in that they will always control the final layer between the operating system and the hardware. No one cares what's on top, be it Word or Firefox or a server.

The game's changed. The author should keep up.

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