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Microsoft "The more I think about Microsoft, the more I realise that they are, possibly for the first time, seriously cornered (or surrounded, depending on how you want to see it). A little history will clarify why I think so - and why I think that this might really be the beginning of the end for Microsoft."
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In pain prehaps, Dieing in our dreams
by dusanyu on Tue 3rd Jul 2007 19:14 UTC
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While I Do not think Microsoft is dieing I do feel that they are feeling the squeeze of failure for the first time and relies that they are not the “golden boys” of information anymore. Let us examine Microsoft’s latest market entries.

X Box 360
This one is a hit I will admit it, but it is a hit because it’s the best value in gaming consoles at the moment. PS3 is prohibitively expensive and the Wii just does not deliver the goods in the realm of graphics.

Microsoft just did not get why the iPod is a success for one it looks grate but mainly it’s software. The iTunes Software is what sells the iPod . When I walk around campus I see iTunes on a lot of windows based pc’s Belonging to people who don’t have iPods who jumped over because its play list manager works so well.

No offence to the vista lovers but so far the only “Wow” experience out of Vista has been the announcement of the ability to rollback to X.P. Many users don’t grasp that XP requires 512 MB of RAM to show its true colors the market is definitely nor ready for an OS that requires 2 GB of RAM enable to have a decent user experience.

At this point Vista’s main competitor is XP and so far it is loosing the fight to XP

( a am not Discrediting Linux I love the penguin but climate is climate)

Oh and by the way for the comment about grandmother not touching Linux. My grandmother won’t touch any computer.

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